New Technology To Develop Around The World(II)

According to the Hefei Institute of Physics Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences, about four month experiment shows that China is moving towards tokamak-based nuclear fusion energy production.Click Home

The experimental group indicated that the fusion performance of EAST under the conditions of high density, Click Home high temperature and high constraints has been expanded, and a completely non-inductive steady state has been achieved, which provides important experimental evidence and scientific support for the ongoing Chinese Fusion Engineering experiments.

NASA Test Quiet Sonic Boom

The improved Northrop F-5E jet was used in NASA’s Formed Sonic Boom Demonstration Program in 2003. This is a successful attempt to show that the shape of the aircraft can be used to reduce the intensity of the sonic detonation it produces in supersonic flight.Click Home

NASA is monitoring the response of residents near the coast of the Gulf of Texas to a quiet sonic boom from a test plane that can reduce commercial flight time by half.Click Home  The Houston Chronicle reports that NASA launched a two-week Quiet Supersonic research flight research project near Galveston on Monday. NASA is conducting a unique maneuvering flight over the Gulf of Mexico to assess community response to noise. NASA officials hope that the Galveston test will help improve supersonic flight, always a difficult goal for the agency.


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