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Chairman of Nissan

Nissan said the chairman was arrested for financial misconduct in Japan. Actually before this event, there is another falsified data in July, 9, 2018. Nissan Motor has admitted that there are falsification of emission data in locally produced cars in Japan.Click Home

Experts found forgery of documents on 1200 vehicles of different models. Click Home The assembly of these cars was carried out in five Japanese automobile factories. Japan’s Ministry of Transport began investigating data fraud on Monday, and asked Nissan to provide internal investigation reports within 30 days, as well as future plans to stop such cases from happening again.

After the arrest of executive Carlos Ghosn on allegations of “significant acts” of financial misconduct, then shares in automakers Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault fell sharply. All three companies are considering replacing CEO Carlos Ghosn with chairman.Click Home

Nissan, one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, Click Home said Ghosn had fabricated reports about its compensation “over the years” and its internal investigation found that he had used its assets for personal purposes. Born in Brazil, Ghosn, of Lebanese descent and a French citizen, is a rare foreign executive in Japan. In the late 1990s, Renault SA acquired Nissan’s controlling interest and sent Ghosn to Nissan. He saved Nissan from bankruptcy.

Nissan said that, according to the whistleblower’s report, the company conducted an internal investigation into Mr. Ghosn and Representative Greg Kelly and shared the findings with prosecutors. The company said Ghosn and Representative Greg Kelly were both arrested.

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