New Science Needs Us to Participate Together

At the beginning of 2019, a “Wandering Earth” movie not only made people have new expectations for Chinese science fiction movies, but also became a good opportunity for scientific popularization – astronomers, physicists, aerospace engineers and other professionals have written articles, Introduce and interpret the scientific issues that arise in the film. This may be seen as the epitome of China’s popular science career in the past year: China’s scientific popularization cause has made great progress, Mini electric scooter manufacturer and its concept, methods and methods have been improved. The enthusiasm of scientists to participate in science popularization is also increasing. high.

We are in the process of rapid development, and the reach of science extends to every corner of our daily lives. And ”science is still the golden avenue to get rid of poverty and backwardness.” From this perspective, some of the most important scientific discoveries and scientific methods must be understood by the public to the greatest extent, so that the public has a pair of ”eyes”, supporting and understanding science and establishing a scientific way of life will enable science to truly serve the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people.check here

Nowadays, the importance of science has become the consensus of everyone. In the past year, high-level popular science activities have emerged in an endless stream. For example, in September 2018, the World Public Science Quality Promotion Conference with the theme of ”Community Science and Human Destiny Community” was successfully held in Beijing, with 58 national technology organizations, institutions and 23 international scientific and technological organizations in 38 countries. check here Representatives, as well as representatives from more than 1,000 people from home and abroad, attended the conference. At the meeting, a number of high-level science reports, scientific exhibitions and other activities were held. After the meeting, the “Beijing Declaration on Promoting the Quality of Public Science in the World” was released to build consensus and point out the important direction of the future development of citizens’ scientific quality. For another example, the traditional National Science Day event has been formed. According to statistics, in the one-week National Science Day in 2018, more than 18,000 key science popularization activities were held in universities, research institutions, and popular science venues. The activities are wonderful and varied in form. There are scientific reports from scientists, scientific short plays, and experimental demonstrations… Presenting a popular science meal to the general public, which not only enriches everyone’s daily life, but also brings science to the public. Let them feel the beauty of science, the wonder of science, and the power of science.

We also felt deeply that the popularize and spread of science is going through the deep changes, Weibo and Wechat, etc, are becoming the important ways and mediums. check here The contacts of science popularize and art are more and more familiar. Under this new situation, popularization of science is no longer the solitude stages of senior “Star scientists” and is attracting more and more professors from all walks of life to come here.

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