A Potential Market: Chinese Pet Market Accounts for a Huge Ratio and Value Contains 100 Billions

As the times develops, people’s living standards are improving, and consumption levels are constantly improving. Although the basic needs are materially satisfied, the pressure on modern people is increasing, and pets appear in the form of spiritual partners. This industry also includes related upstream products and downstream services. Upstream products include pet food, pet supplies, etc. Downstream services include pet medical, beauty, training, and even pet special services.Mini electric scooter supplier At present, the pet industry has formed a complete industrial chain and the market scale is huge. From the perspective of the global market, the pet industry in Europe and the United States has the largest proportion and has entered a mature stage.

This is because the pet industry originated in Europe and has a history of hundreds of years, with North America and Western Europe being the world’s largest pet market. The economic output value of European and American pets accounts for 60% of the world, of which 37% in the United States and 23% in Europe. At the same time, the pet market is growing at a rate of 5% per year. Nearly 70% of American households have pets, and related consumption has reached $69.4 billion. There are a large number of companies in the pet industry. Compared with the United States, although it has developed late, it has become the world’s third largest pet consumer market. The number of pet dogs in China ranks third in the world after the United States and Brazil.SinoeastPortuguês The sales revenue of pet products in China’s largest e-commerce platform is the top three, which is enough to see the potential of the Chinese pet market. In 2018, the size of China’s pet dog and dog market alone reached 175 billion yuan. It is estimated that the pet economy market will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020.


In addition to pet food,SinoeastLe français China’s 19-year pet care industries will reach $15.8 billion, the only market that exceeds the US. The pet industry has also attracted a lot of money due to the huge consumer market and the huge profits of pet supplies. The wholesale price of pet dog toys may only be a few dollars, but it takes dozens of pieces on the Internet, and the profit will increase by several times. Of course, it will attract a lot of attention. In China’s largest e-commerce platform, the pet industry generated 4 million orders in the “double twelve” days. In 2017, the number of pet households in China reached 59.12 million. By 2018, there will be 11 new 3 pet companies, 2 a-share companies and 1 Hong Kong stock company.

The fashion giant Karl Lagerfeld said he hoped his cat can inherit his heritage. You need know his heritage is not only a small amount, it is one billion dollars. Ht not only opened an account for his cat, but hire two maidservant to care it, if they are outside, his cat must have its room, and these habits were exposed in his social contact app.SinoeastItaliano

Today, pet market is a very big market, so many countries can’t wait to join.

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