Advantages And Disadvantages Of C Language

C language always is popular now during programming industry meanwhile C++, Java languages are also in top 3 as well as C language. By this time let us discuss about its advantages and disadvantages. Every code or programming language own its advantage, at the same time along with its development and optimization its disadvantages and in-adaptability will embody. At the beginning, let us discuss its advantages, then subsequently it is about disadvantages of C language.


  1. Concision and compact, flexibility and convenience

There are only 32 key words and 9 control statements in C language. The program is free to write and case sensitive (lowercase and capital). Combine the basic structure and statement of high-level language with the practicality of low-level language. C language can operate on bits, bytes and addresses like assembly language, which are the most basic unit of work of a computer.


  1. Operators richness

The operators of the C language contain a wide range of 34 operators. The C language handles parentheses, assignment, forced type conversion, and so on. As a result, the C language has very rich computing types and various expression types. Using various operators flexibly can achieve some operation, but other high-level languages.


  1. Data type rich

The data types of C language include integer type, real type, character type, array type, pointer type, structure type, union type, etc. It can be used to implement various complex data structures. The concept of pointer is also introduced to make the program more efficient.


  1. Good program portability

C compiler of C language on different computers, is about 86% of the code as common, so the C language compiler is easy to portable.


  1. Allows direct access to physical addresses, to operate on hardware

Since C language allows direct access to physical addresses and can operate directly on hardware, it has both functions of high-level languages and many functions of low-level languages. It can operate to bits, bytes, and addresses like assembly language, which are the most basic unit of work of a computer and can be used to write system software.



  1. The disadvantage of C language mainly lies in the encapsulation of data, which makes C have great disadvantage in data security, which is also different from C and C++.


  1. The syntax restriction of C language is not strict, the type restriction of variable is not strict, the security of program is affected, and the array subscript out of bounds is not checked. From the perspective of application, C language is more difficult to master than other high-level languages. That is to say, people who use C language need to be more proficient in programming.



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