Some Ideas in Marketing Tactics

Refer to marketing tactics, at the first we need to know the purpose of marketing tactics. It’s aim is to create, acquire and maintain customers; to consider how to effectively overcome competition and remain invincible in the long run. for the next, it is about feature of marketing tactics which pay attention to market research, collect and analyze a large amount of information. Only in this way can we make correct decisions when the environment and market changes are very uncertain and the degree of active innovation is proportional to the effect. Certainly, recent years, there are some new ideas about marketing tactics, so let me discuss below,

New Ideas

Integrated marketing is the embodiment of consumer-oriented marketing ideas in the field of communication in Europe and the United States in the 1990s. It started in the 1990s and was initiated by Professor Don E.Schultz of the United States. This theory is the integration of marketing ideas between manufacturers and distributors. Both of marketing ideas from manufacturers and distributors face the market together; coordinate the use of various means of communication; give play to the advantages of different means of communication; jointly carry out marketing activities to consumers; look for factors to mobilize consumers’ purchase enthusiasm; stimulate consumers to buy.


Consumption alliance is a new marketing method based on consumer alliance and enterprise alliance, which is driven by the return of consumer interests.


Chain business channel is a vertical marketing system with vertical development. It is a unified consortium composed of producers, wholesalers and retailers. It applies the principle of modern industrial mass production to commercial operation and realizes the combination of mass production and mass sales. It is a challenge to traditional marketing channels.


Big marketing is the constant development of traditional marketing mix strategy. The theory was put forward by American Marketing scientist Philip Kotler. He pointed out that in order to enter a specific market and engage in business operations there, enterprises should coordinate the use of economic, psychological, political, public relations and other means to win cooperation and support from foreign or local parties, so as to achieve the desired purpose.


Comprehensive marketing communication is a concept of marketing communication plan. That is, the strategic position of different forms of communication such as general advertising, direct response advertising, sales promotion, public relations and so on, is estimated in the plan, and the above forms are combined through the synthesis of dispersed information, so as to achieve clear, consistent and maximum communication.



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