School of Architecture, University of Hong Kong(II)

Professional Courses

Students in the Department of Architecture must take core courses in architecture, economics, finance, engineering management and law.

These courses combine the unique way of “survey studio” of the Department of Architecture, that is, to solve doubts as the basis, and to use real cases as teaching materials to help students grasp the application of theory and solve the practical problems of real estate and construction.Click Here For More.

In practice, this theory has proved to be very effective in training each student’s professional skills and leadership.

  1. Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong was founded in 1950. The Bachelor of Architecture Degree aims to cultivate students with basic architectural technology and knowledge, and lay a solid foundation for further study of Master of Architecture and other Master’s degree courses, such as urban planning, landscape planning and conservation of architectural relics. Architecture courses include design, history, theory, construction principles, visual links, architectural appreciation, metropolitan design, structure, mechanical and electrical services, building technology and materials, construction technology, etc. Most undergraduates choose to pursue their master’s degree in architecture after completing their bachelor’s degree in architecture. Accredited architects can be employed by government and private institutions. In recent years, more and more graduates tend to explore the development of different fields in design specialty. The Master’s degree in Architecture of the University of Hong Kong has been recognized by mainland China, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries and regions.


  1. Department of Real Estate and Construction

Surveying specialty mainly concentrates on the effective management of real estate. Training students to understand the specific work of professional surveyors including real estate valuation, project development and marketing, project management, cost control and facility management.

Faculties Strength

Teachers in the Department of Architecture are scholars and professionals from the fields of economics, engineering, law, surveying and planning.

They have published many papers in international academic journals and played an important role in international, regional and local academic and professional societies in Hong Kong.

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