Famous Sport Watches(II)

Royal Oak Offshore

The core of the Royal Oak Sports Watch is protected by a magnetic shield and is free from collision or temperature difference. For the screws are equipped on bottom of cover, Royal Oak series standard new hexagonal screw, the case like a diving tank, waterproof depth to 350 meters. Royal Oak Top Luxury Watch is an indispensable sports watch for swimmers and divers.Click Here For More.


“Luminox” is made in Switzerland and is specially designed for SELK. Click Here For More. It is very popular with outdoor sportsmen. Its features are continuous operation and luminescence for more than 25 years, and its luminosity is 100 times stronger than the rest of the sports meters. Its luminosity principle is tritium decay, exceptionally energy-saving and environmentally friendly. When the diving depth reaches 200 meters, it will not affect its luminosity at all. The exterior design of the body is to seek concise, sporty and fashionable style, without too many minor details change, exaggerating the overall sense, while the metal part increases the sense of texture and competence. So “Luminox” is a sports watch that diving enthusiasts will never miss.Click Here For More.

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