Outdoor Sports And Jack Wolfskin(I)

Jack Wolfskin, Very famous Outdoor brand, is one of the favorite brand for the Amateurs of outdoor sports (outdoor recreation). Meanwhile, its products’ range includes clothes, Backpacks and Tents and so on. For harsh outdoor environment, we have to consider about quality equipment to ensure our safety, warn in cool condition and agile actions. So what kinds of outdoor brand you have to choose? Certainly, for me, I prefer Jack Wolfskin among so many famous outdoor brands.Click Here For More.

Jack Wolfskin Introduction

Jack Wolfskin’s entry into the Chinese market not only develops agent channels, but also attaches great importance to the marketing routes of shopping malls. He plans to open some demonstration stores first. Jack Wolfskin is a mid-high price in Germany. There will be some special product lines in the Chinese market, but it will not enter the Chinese market with a low price route.

Jack Wolfskin outdoor products include skiing series, Hiking Series (long-distance hiking, urban leisure) and climbing series, etc. Relative other products from Jack Wolfskin include gloves, hats, scarves and so on. The clothing of Jack Wolfskin is with fashion at the same time during outdoor products’ market. More important product travel series with anti-ultraviolet, anti-dirt effect, and another anti-mosquito design, is very magical design.


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