Good Ways To Help Your Store Amazon Operation(II)

They are more likely to click on mergers and acquisitions if they see that other people have a high comment of the product. Conversely, if the star rating is low, consumers may close the product page and choose products from other businesses. So you can do the same design on the product page by adding:

1 Star-based comments  Click Here For More.

2 Text review

3 Customer Feedback and Product Certification

Perceived value pricing

Ordinary consumers may think that Amazon’s online sales price is the lowest in the world, but that’s not always true. Click Here For More.

In fact, Amazon uses price perception to adjust prices many times an hour (equivalent to millions of product price changes per day). As consumers, we can’t help but want to buy discounted products.

Whether they are actually promoting (or Amazon says they are promoting) does not matter. We can not help being attracted to discounts. Watch carefully how Amazon does this (probably more than you think):

1 Delete the “original” price ($17.99)

2 Identify the “discount price” ($8.99)

3 Emphasize free delivery of orders over $25

4 Remind customers again how much ($9.00) and percentage ($50%) have been saved.

But now, Amazon will pay close attention to marking the “original price”. In the past, Amazon also marked the initial list price. However, after Amazon and other retailers faced a series of “fake discount lawsuits”, Amazon has begun to completely stop the initial list price through its platform.

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