Indian Masala Chai

I went to India more than a month ago. In this country of spices, the simplest drinks are full of all kinds of wonderful aromas. Masala Chai has many different ingredients for spices. This recipe was made after I adjusted it to my favorite taste. Milk tea with a slightly spicy taste is especially suitable for winter afternoon. Certainly, it also depends on personal taste as more milk, or less sugar and so on. Hereby, let me introduce you the methods to cook this Milk tea namely Indian Masala Chai.


Ginger segments 3cm

Cinnamon segments 5cm

Tea 6 tablespoons

Cardamom pod 6-8 pcs

Milk 3 bottles

Sugar 2 tablespoons



  1. At the first, prepare the ginger segment as 3cm, then clean it up.
  2. Prepare the teapot and 4 bottles of water.
  3. Boil the water with ginger together.
  4. Cardamon pods are squeezed, then put with Cinnamon segments together into teapot. Boil about 3 minutes.
  5. It is really simple to finish it as adding fresh milk and sugar into the teapot.


This is nutrition about to drink it in winter. Because the milk composition is inside the milk tea. We may think about to drink as breakfast or at night. We may drink it before sleep, you should know drinking milk is good for health and sleeping. However, drinking at night with less sugar is much better.


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