Create Value for Businesses through Digital Operation(I)

With the development of technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and emerging “offensives”, digital transformation has been regarded by many companies as the only way to survive. For the retail and consumer goods industries, “data-driven, consumer-centric” to build a digital operating system is the key to digital transformation and enhance business value.

On November 20th, iSoftStone teamed up with Microsoft and Adobe to hold a seminar on “New Ideas for Mix New Technology–Let Digital Operations Create Business Value for Enterprises”. As a leading software and information technology service provider in China, a digital economy enabler and a trusted partner for digital transformation of enterprises, iSoftStone has established long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known manufacturers such as Microsoft and Adobe for many years. Consumer goods companies provide one-stop solutions and end-to-end services for consulting, development and operations. This seminar is also a wonderful industry exchange jointly created by the three parties.

This seminar invited so many famous guest speaker, including the world-renowned researcher in the field of digital transformation and Microsoft chief technology consultant, etc. One of the highlights of this event is the emergence of “digital transformation” itself, from the perspective of corporate CEOs, based on business objectives such as revenue growth, cost control and employee status, to discuss what is digital transformation and how companies can achieve digital transformation. According to relevant research data, digital transformation can bring revenue growth to enterprises. In addition to direct 5% revenue increase, there is a 20% increase in NPS and a new market opportunity worth $29 billion. This has prompted many companies to digitally transform from five aspects: corporate strategy, customer experience, enterprise data, business operations and human resources operations, and ultimately create huge commercial value.

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