The Popular Steel Structure For Modern Buildings(II)

    Advantages of steel structure

Good strength and light weight

Compared with other building materials such as concrete, masonry and wood, building steel has much higher strength and higher elastic modulus, so its structural components are lighter in weight and smaller in cross section. The lightness of the structure can be determined by the ratio of mass density to strength of materials and materials. To measure, the smaller the alpha value, the lighter the structure. The light weight of steel structure under the same loading conditions can not only significantly reduce the seismic action, and then reduce the internal force of the structure, but also reduce the cost of the foundation. This advantage is more obvious in soft soil areas. In addition, the components are lightweight and easy to transport and install.

Material with uniform, good plasticity, toughness, seismic performance

Because the steel structure is homogeneous, nearly isotropic, and almost completely elastic within a certain stress range, the elastic modulus is large, and has good plasticity and toughness, it is an ideal elastic-plastic body. The actual working performance of steel structure is in accordance with the theoretical calculation model currently adopted, so it has high reliability. Good plasticity of steel can prevent steel structure from sudden rupture due to accidental overload or partial overload. Good toughness of steel is beneficial for steel structure to adapt to vibration load. Steel structure is more seismic resistant than other engineering structures in earthquake area.Click Here For More.

Simple production, high industrialization and short construction period

The materials used in steel structure are simple, and mostly are finished or semi-finished materials. The processing is relatively simple, and can use mechanical operation. It is easy to stereotype and standardize, and has a high degree of industrialized production. Therefore, steel components are usually manufactured in specialized metal structure processing plants with high accuracy, stable quality and low labor intensity. When steel members are assembled on building site, they usually use simple and convenient welding connection or bolt connection. The connection between steel members and other material components is also more convenient.

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