The hook is an important part of the cantilever crane

The hook is an important part of the cantilever crane and a component that is easy to lose. Therefore, it should be regularly checked and maintained during use to ensure the safe and safe use of the cantilever crane.container crane manufacturers

Maintenance and maintenance methods for the hook of the cantilever crane: The surface of the hook should be clean and free from cracks, sharp angles, burrs, peeling and other defects; there should be no cracks, white spots and inclusions affecting its safe use inside the hook. Defects; the defects on the crane accessory hooks are not allowed to be welded; the dangerous section wear shall not reach 10% of the original size; the opening degree shall comply with the provisions of 5.2 of GB10051; the torsion deformation of the crane accessory hook is the torsion angle of the hook body Must not exceed 10. The hook of the dangerous section or hook shall not be plastically deformed; the thread of the hook shall not be corroded.

The hook is an important part of the cantilever crane

Regular inspection and maintenance of the jib crane: Before the inspection, the obvious signs should be set at the entrance and exit of each floor; check the operation of the elevator recorded in the duty diary; check the power supply voltage and the full load operation voltage fluctuation is not more than 5%; check the cable Whether the stacking in the cage is neat and tidy; check whether the control and touch buttons are in action;

The performance of the jib cranes is very good when they are used. Firstly, the machines are stable, reliable and have a high safety factor. Moreover, they are designed to be strong and have strong corrosion resistance, because they are used when making these machines. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, and these materials are processed through some processing, which will make the material performance better, so they will be widely used in construction sites. Best Hydraulic Scissor Lift from China Manufacturer

In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of economic level, China’s various large-scale infrastructure construction, petrochemical industry and shipbuilding industry have developed rapidly. It is precisely because of the development and progress of these industries that it has driven domestic heavy The development of machinery manufacturing.

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