Sports Should be Stop Where It Should be Stop(II)

  1. Mental exhaustion

Exercise can alleviate depression and anxiety to a certain extent, but excessive exercise can exacerbate depression, irritability and moodiness. If you feel tired after exercising, it is best to adjust yourself in time to reduce the amount of exercise.Click Here For More.

  1. Limb weakness

The feeling of weakness of the limbs should be restored after a rest of 15 minutes. If it lasts for several days, it may be a sign of spleen damage. If accompanied by bloating discomfort, the amount of exercise should be reduced.Click Here For More.

  1. Gasping

Asthma is very common during exercise,Click Here For More. but it may not be able to recover after a slight activity and may not recover after a long period of rest. It may indicate poor lung function. If you exercise too much, sweaing in the chw

  1. Joint pain

We should pay attention if joint pain for more than 30 minutes after exercise ends. If the pain occurs near the joint  and there is joint dysfunction, consider whether the ligament is strained.

  1. Muscle soreness

Those who have just started exercising, those who stop exercising for a long time and recover, and who change their new exercise content will cause muscle soreness in a certain part, which is a normal phenomenon. However, if the muscles continue to be sore, check for damage to muscle soft tissue. Before choosing exercise, the exerciser should go to the sports medicine department of the hospital for evaluation, and according to his cardiopulmonary function, develop the type of exercise and the amount of exercise suitable for his own condition.

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