An introduction to the impact of e-commerce on international economic trade and countermeasures research

  At this stage, economic trade has entered a relatively new era, and the traditional international trade methods have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage.

Based on this, in e-commerce, in order to promote the development of the international trade market, bring new business opportunities, and then bring greater challenges. E-commerce as a new type of industry, to the global national economy to bring a series of impact.

China’s current level of international trade development compared to developed countries is not advanced enough, so it is necessary to increase the research efforts of relevant staff. The author will be based on relevant work experience, comprehensive analysis of the basic concepts and basic applications of e-commerce, and then analyze the development of e-commerce on the positive and negative effects of international trade, and then put forward? The solution measures of the opposite sex.

  The basic concept and basic application of electronic commerce

  1. Basic concept

  With the continuous development of the network, e-commerce came into being. E-commerce is a kind of e-commerce transaction activity centering on commodity transaction and using information technology as the means. Under some specific ways, globalized business trade is carried out, and a business operation mode that can realize financial activities.

  2. Basic application

  Compared with the traditional sense of business activities, e-commerce plays a greater role in finding partners, business negotiations and material transactions to help international trade.

First of all, at the beginning of international trade activities, the use of online trading platform can quickly and effectively find a suitable trade partner, will not be restricted by geographical and time and other objective factors, which largely saves manpower, material resources and other resources waste. Trading platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong, where companies or buyer-users can directly search for trading partners as required.

Secondly, using the unique advantages and processing functions of the Internet for online business negotiation, which enables both sides of the transaction to achieve cross-territory communication and save transaction costs.

Again, in the process of material trading, e-commerce should make the handover of international trade simpler, simplify the transaction links and save time.

  The positive and negative effects of e-commerce development on international economic trade

  1. Positive effects

  First of all, the emergence of e-commerce forms to improve the efficiency of transactions. In the traditional international trade, it needs to go through many links to complete the international trade work, and the cost of intermediate links increases, so it also affects the overall economic efficiency of enterprises.

With the large-scale application of e-commerce, some unnecessary links will be omitted so that the cost of international trade can be greatly saved, providing higher profits for both sides of the trade.

Secondly, the development of e-commerce has promoted the development process of globalization and provided a new way of development for global trade. E-commerce based on the network, break the traditional geographical restrictions, and gradually form a global development market, and constantly promote the globalization of the economy, so that both sides of the trade can have a new understanding.

The development of e-commerce has brought new challenges and opportunities for China’s economic trade development, especially in the process of China’s foreign trade, service trade is one of the most important components. The development of electronic commerce has improved the overall efficiency of China’s economic trade and widely improved the competitiveness of China’s service trade

  2.Negative effects

  The development of e-commerce for international economic trade is a two-sided impact, both positive and negative impact. The negative impact is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

One, the existence of security risks.

Second, the logistics chain supply is too weak. The form of international trade organization is basically based on the Internet, and the relevant organizational activities are carried out online. Some unscrupulous elements take advantage of this to spread some untrue information on the Internet, thus making the network security problem widely exacerbated. Phenomena such as hackers’ theft and leakage of information are very common, which greatly endangers users’ information.

Based on this, the transaction security of e-commerce is one of the important issues, and combined with specific solutions, the risk of e-commerce transactions can be minimized. In the trade mode of e-commerce, there are many uncertainties in the transaction time, so the supply chain of logistics is put to a greater test.

  Improve the solution measures of e-commerce in international economic trade

  Through the impact of electronic commerce in international trade is not difficult to see, the need to put forward the following aspects of the solution measures.

  1. Accelerate the construction of infrastructure and continuously improve the construction of e-commerce transaction system

  To improve the overall transaction efficiency of e-commerce, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of the corresponding network support, so as to accelerate the construction of our backbone organization and thus accelerate the development process of information technology in China.

  2. Strengthen the information security management of e-commerce, so as to widely reduce the transaction risks of e-commerce

  In order to establish a perfect online trading system, we must strengthen the trust and communication between buyers and sellers, and at the same time, we must take corresponding measures to realize a secure network environment.

  3. Cultivate talents in e-commerce

  E-commerce is a relatively new business model, China is still in the primary stage, and improve the proportion of e-commerce in international trade, can promote the economic strength of our country gradually and improve the overall comprehensive strength.

However, the lack of talents will to a certain extent limit the economic development of China. In order to meet the basic needs of talents, it is necessary to cultivate talents in e-commerce

  4.Establish international e-commerce framework, and then create a good e-commerce environment

  E-commerce is a vast system project, combining high-tech and business activities with each other, and it needs to give full play to the macro-control function of the government and formulate a corresponding plan. Significantly enhance the transparency of the policy, so as to be able to achieve policy coordination, avoid multiple government, and create a favorable e-commerce environment.


  The rapid development of e-commerce has promoted the development of nationalized trade, and therefore also brought a series of challenges and opportunities to the development of international economic trade. The rapid development of e-commerce has brought a great impact on the development of nationalized economy and trade because of the advantage of lower trade cost, and it can effectively use e-commerce strategy under the combination of specific practical research.

To sum up, e-commerce enterprises, as potential enterprises in the twenty-first century, are bound to influence the development situation of international trade. China wants to get a seat in the fierce market competition, we must pay great attention to e-commerce. Make full use of the basis and challenges brought by e-commerce to promote the development process of globalization of China’s economy and trade.

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