Indonesia has been ranking third in the world for highest TB burden in the world for many years, but recently (WHO update to Global report 2009) the country has moved into the fifth rank which can be considered as a major achievement. This achievement can be made partly from the support from Global Fund that has provided grant for Indonesia to fight TB in total of US$242,632,986 since 2003 until now 2014. This grant aims to decrease TB-related illness and death and to interrupt the chain of transmission, so TB is no longer a public health problem among the entire population of Indonesia.

The initiatives include activities to promote DOTS, establish a management system at the province and district levels, enhance the capacity of health staff units to implement DOTS, to build partnership with professional and non-governmental organizations in introducing DOTS to the hospitals, lung clinics and private medical practices, DOTS expansion and enhancement, addressing MDR-TB challenges, addressing TB HIV service as well as its national standard control, strengthen community cadres and mass media campaign.


The above program is being implemented by three institution below as the principle recipients of Global Fund TB grants:

  1. Directorate of Direct Infectious Disease Control (P2ML) – Directorate General of Disease Control & Environmental Health (P2PL), Ministry of Health of Indonesia
  2. Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia (FKMUI)
  3. Aisyiyah (Indonesian faith based organization that works on TB)


More information about TB grants for Indonesia feom Global Fund can be found here

More information about activities of the principle recipients can be found at: