Why doesn’t the big car pull the steel coil

With the development of China’s economy, the transportation industry is already very developed. Many people choose to work as truck drivers in order to make money. However, there is a saying among the truck drivers that “there is no way to drive a truck, and it is not a big one.” Why doesn’t the big car pull the steel coil?steel coils manufacturers

First of all, the volume of the coil is very large, and the coil is generally not easy to be fixed. Therefore, if the steel pipe is not fixed, it is very easy to get out during the driving process. If the train comes with an emergency brake or an emergency turn, it is easy to pull out the steel coil and cause danger.

Secondly, the risk factor of pulling steel coils is very large. Pulling steel coils requires professional strapping tools. For example, fixed steel pipes require professional wire ropes or tighteners, and generally require more than three turns of professional personnel. In the case of a weak binding, it is easy to directly smash the cab during the driving of the truck, which may lead to a driver’s life risk.

Finally, pulling the steel coil requires that the speed cannot be very fast, and the driver needs to get off the bus every time he walks to check if the steel coil is loose. If you encounter an area with a very bumpy road, you will need to get off the train from time to time, otherwise it will easily cause the steel pipe to fall loosely. In addition, it takes a long time to transport steel coils, and the amount earned by pulling other items is not much. Therefore, most truck drivers are not willing to pull steel coils.

All in all, pulling steel coils is a technical activity, and it is generally not recommended for new drivers to take the risk. In fact, there is no “easy” word in every profession, so I wish every lorry driver can be safe and healthy.

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