We Should Often Do These 4 Exercises(II)

  1. Raise your legs

Raising the leg is a very simple exercise and it is also very convenient. You can lie directly on the bed or on the floor, you can go straight, rub your legs to the ceiling and try to straighten, keep this position for a few seconds, then slowly bend your knees and repeat this action. Such a simple action can not only strengthen the muscle strength, but also effectively improve the blood circulation of the lower body. For people with varicose veins, this exercise can be done more and can have a good effect.Steel Tube

In addition to promoting blood circulation, what benefits can exercise bring to the body?

Regular exercise can keep your weight in the normal range. If you are overweight, it will cause many diseases, such as high blood fat, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. It is inseparable from obesity. For those who exceed the standard, it is necessary to control the weight in time. And exercise can also increase the oxygen supply to the brain, keeping the brain in an active state. If you observe carefully, you will find that the people who are constantly exercising seem to be fascinating. If you want your own look and feel better, stick to exercise!

Another advantage of exercise is that it can promote gastrointestinal motility, which can be improved by exercise for people who suffer from constipation. Exercise can effectively accelerate the digestion and absorption of food, allowing the body to consume more calories.

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