To Educate the 3-year-old Children, is True or False? (I)

To Educate the 3-year-old Children, is it winning at the starting line or arrested development?

With the development of modern living standards, more and more new parents have become more diversified in their educational concepts and methods. The term “early education” has an unshakable position in the hearts of these parents. In fact, most of the children in the ordinary family were “free-ranging” education. The current situation is very different. The children of each family are treasures. Every parent wants their children to be better. In fact, this kind of idea has been circulated in ancient times, but it is only limited to large families. Indeed, the people from the scholarly family are gentle, courteous and polite. In order to let their children win at the starting line, nowadays parents gradually pay attention to the education before the child is three years old. The only way is to educate at home or to teach early, the ultimate goal is the same. There are also many people who question this kind of “nip in the bud” early education is an oppressive growth for children. In fact, for the entire social environment, early education has now been accepted and affirmed by most parents. Not only that, but there are already many scientific literatures that confirm the importance of early education for the growth of children.

At present, the brain science and life science literature have shown that the fastest period of human brain development is before the age of three, the organization of brain cells can be completed to 60%. Before the age of three, the child’s learning ability is super strong and sensitive. In language, when adults speak, the baby will imitate his mouth to learn. Children of this period also paying great attention to the details, the pattern of clothes, the subconscious movements of adults, will all lead to their great interest. Therefore, it is justified to seize this opportunity to cultivate their behavioral habits and hobbies.

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