The Right Running Way to Lose Weight (I)

Regular running can help you lose weight effectively, but it should also pay attention to methods. Running can speed up blood circulation and increase muscle oxygen uptake, but the speed should not be too fast, and the aerobic heart rate should be controlled at 60%-80%; to avoid ineffective exercise, fat will stop decomposing under anaerobic conditions. The correct way to lose weight is as follows:1.Be prepared before running

Before doing aerobic exercise, fully adjust the potential thermal energy of the body to the state of preparation, which is beneficial to the adjustment of the body’s internal functions, stimulates the body’s motor hormones, promotes the nerve cells in the learning area of the brain, and can improve the memory to some extent.

2.Preparation before jogging

Stand with your hands on your hips and alternately move your ankles for about 5-10 minutes. Warm-up exercises increase muscle temperature and make muscles soft and less susceptible to strain.

3.Running time and speed are the key to healthy weight loss

If you want to lose weight, the time for each running is best arranged in 30-60 minutes, too little time to achieve the effect of fat burning, too long will cause muscle fatigue and it is not good for health. If you want to lose weight, the speed of running should not be too fast (of course not too slow), the speed of about 6-7km/hour is the most reasonable, thus can make fat and oxygen combined and sufficient burn. There is a simple criterion for running speed, that is, when running, there is a feeling of sweating, and the body is not out of breath, and it is very uncomfortable. This state is the best. So we should study to control the speed when we running.Click Here For More.

4.Relax after running.

After jogging, stretching the body can make the excess fat in the body burn well, so that most parts of the body can be exercised. The correct posture and relaxed mindset are the secret of beautiful. Place your hands over the head and stretch the torso. After running, do the right amount of stretching to ease the overspeed heart rate.

5.To relax after running

After the sweating and jogging, do some relaxation activities, such as walking slowly, kicking the legs, squatting, turning the waist, and expanding the chest. After the body temperature and heart rate have returned to normal, return to the room. Relaxation action recommendation: put your hands on top of your head, close together to stretch and stretch your torso. After returning to the house, it is best to replace the sweaty clothes, or put on the sweatshirt consciously before running, dry it after running, and wash it up to 3 times. In addition, the use of this method to lose weight, generally do not need to do every day, jogging three times a week, or to keep jogging can achieve the goal, too tired and easily cause a cold and other patients.

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