The Foods that Can Help you Lower Blood Pressure(I)

  1. Bitter gourd, according to pharmacological studies, it has been found that the extract of bitter gourd has obvious hypoglycemic effect. And now there are many hypoglycemic drugs on the market, and there may be bitter melon extract. If you want to lower blood sugar, it is recommended to eat more bitter gourd, especially in the hot summer, which can both detoxify and lower the sugar.
  2. Chinese yam, yam in Chinese medicine theory can be said to be able to fill the three organs of the spleen and liver, and blood sugar is mainly related to the kidney, so by eating yam, drinking yam porridge, drinking yam soup food regulation, can play very well The hypoglycemic effect, and can also regulate some patients with spleen dampness and poor appetite.
  3. Seaweed, seaweed contains a lot of vitamins and carotene and other nutrients. According to research, seaweed can reduce fasting blood sugar, can achieve such an effect, it is estimated that you can eat a lot of seaweed. If a hyperglycemic patient wants to eat some snacks, there are many snacks in the small package of seaweed that can be eaten in the market.square steel pipes

  1. Celery, celery can not only clean the blood vessels, is also the food for cardiovascular disease, but also help with hypoglycemic, because cardiovascular damage caused by late diabetes is also common, so it can prevent cardiovascular damage and reduce Sugar, celery is of course the first to bear the brunt.

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