The Culture Differences between China and America(II)

In Confrontational Situations

The American culture encourages direct confrontation or discussion when something seems debatable or not right to a person. Direct criticism, discussion of controversial issues, and personal opinions about anything are all acceptable in the American culture. This is considered more important than trying to ”save face” or respecting an incorrect opinion just to keep peace.

The Chinese culture stresses more on ‘keeping or saving face’ than creating confrontational situations. The cultural protocol advises keeping quiet and respecting the other person’s opinion though it may seem incorrect or invalid. Criticism, boasting, bringing up controversial topics and enforcing personal opinions is not encouraged.

Collectivism and individualism

Basically China values the community and the US values the individual. If you achieve something in the US, it’s because you were great. While in China, if you achieve something in China it’s because the team, or family, or company is great. Chinese think that the harmonious interpersonal relationship is the foundation of society. Therefore, Chinese people pay great attention to collective interests or values. The core of American values is individualism. The main content is to believe in personal values, attach great importance to individual freedom, and emphasize self-discipline and self-development.

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