Sports can Bring us Happiness(II)

”I think these signs clearly show that exercise can bring happiness, and although any sport has benefits, it may be better to do more”, she said. But she said that because most of the research in this paper review is observational, it is not certain whether exercise directly leads to a change in happiness, or whether it happens at the same time. The situation may be that happy people are more likely to exercise and persist than sad people. If this is the case, then it is not exercise that helps people to be happy, but happiness helps them become exercisers.

Happiness is also a concept that is subjective and vague in nature. The research analyzed in the paper review asks people how happy they feel. However, the happiness of one person’s mind may be relatively low for another person, so it is difficult to deduce how each person reacts emotionally when starting a regular exercise. Of course, this paper review does not delve into how exercise affects happiness. “There are signs that for some people, social factors may be an intermediary factor in exercise affecting happiness,” Chen Weiyun said. In other words, fitness classes or social activities taking place on the way to the gym may help improve people’s moods.

Exercise can also have an immediate effect on the body, including the brain.

“We know that exercise can improve health”, Chen said. “It feels more healthy to feel happier”.

Exercise can reshape the brain, such as stimulating the brain to produce new cells, or stimulating changes in the brain’s chemicals, which can help generate positive emotions.

Of course, sports can not only improve our mood and make us happy, it has also so many healthy and spirit advantages for us.

After the age of 45, people obviously feel that they have insufficient physical strength and energy decline. They obviously have no disease, but they feel that they are not healthy. This is probably what we often call the “sub-health” phenomenon. The 45-year-old is a watershed for a person’s life. Health and well-being are very important for young and middle-aged people. If they are of good health, they will not be easily ill if they are older.

Nowadays, the speed of life is accelerating. The life, work, and learning are more or less stressful. Exercise can eliminate stressful stress. Moderate exercise can regulate mood, resolve bad emotions, have catharsis function, can release psychological repression, forget troubles, also bring physical and mental pleasure.

Exercise is especially important for a healthy life. Healthy adult exercise programs should generally include aerobic and strength training: at least twice a week to strengthen muscle exercise and at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes per week intense Oxygen exercise (such as running, climbing mountains, riding a bicycle, participating in competitive sports, etc.). If you are overwhelmed by the exercise plan, take a day off. Ma Ruding said that rest can restore the body to become stronger. But rest doesn’t mean lying all day, you can still do some relaxing exercises, such as walking, stretching, or even simple housework.

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