PP Meltblown Machine

  1. Kasen pp meltblown nonwoven fabricating machine specialized information

Material: PP chip MFI 1200-1400
Texture Color use: Medical veils, clothing protection, vehicle covers, oil permeable felts, child nappies, gas channels, disposables, and so forth

The wire is a utilization of PP chips as natural substance input, through the course of expulsion, turning, stream extinguishing, web shaping, winding and cutting as required, then, at that point, bundled for capacity and conveyance.

  1. Kasen pp meltblown nonwoven producing machine specialized information

-Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Process: Meltblow

-Texture GSM: 10g/Sm-200g/Sm

-Texture tones accessible: north of 30

-Embellishing: Diamond

-Machine utilization: 600kw ~ 1200kw

-Texture width accessible: from 1.6m to 3.2m

-Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

  1. Highlights Japanese Kasen pp meltblown nonwoven producing machine.

Sensible construction of the entire line, simple to work
Serious level of robotization all through the line
The control components are notable for their assembling, superior execution and solid innovation.
The whole line is constrained by PLC and worked by contact screen.
The setup of the fundamental machine and helper hardware can be exceptionally planned and designed by client necessities.

  1. Spaces of utilization Meltblown nonwovens producing machines. Texture shading use: clinical covers, clothing warming materials, vehicle covers, flooring, child nappies, gas channels, disposables, and so forth

Item portrayal

Microdenier strands (under 0.1 denier per fiber) are extremely fine and must be created by the meltblown technique. It can’t be utilized as a non-woven fiber material all alone, yet the presence of non-woven meltblown textures tackles this issue. Non-woven meltblown textures are antistatic, breathable, harmless to the ecosystem, delicate, dampness safe, recyclable, simple to shape, water and oil resistant,Antimicrobico.

The PP meltblown non-woven texture fabricating machine is a machine for PP Meltblown Machine the creation of non-woven textures, which are broadly utilized as channel media, cleanliness items, hot dissolve cements, oil sponges, and so forth The rule of the machine is as per the following:

The programmed feeder takes care of 100% of the new brought polypropylene into the extruder. The liquid pp material is then warmed by the extruder. The root blows air into the air warmer and the warmed air then, at that point, blows the liquid polypropylene material through the spout head, which contains many little openings in the pass on, lastly the strung material arrives at the getting machine. The non-woven texture is then moved through the moving machine.

Meltblown material extruders are devoted to the creation of meltblown nonwovens, which are fundamental for the halfway channel layer of veils. The uncommon meltblown material utilized for the development of meltblown nonwovens is generally a high dissolve finger polypropylene with a soften finger of 1300 to 1800 g/10min.

Jiangsu Chengmeng gear joined with meltblown material creation process attributes and hardware capacities, planned an uncommon response expulsion line meltblown material extruder. The unique plan structure is taken on in both the host and helper parts to work on the great and creation proficiency of the meltblown material, which can be utilized for the development of medium and top of the line quality meltblown extraordinary material.

The cycle qualities of the gear are as per the following.

1、Measuring taking care of framework: pre-blending gear in with high accuracy and great blending impact of a few powder natural substances. Powder and corruption specialist bit by bit metering taking care of structure, to further develop the proportioning precision.

Guarantee that the proportion of every natural substance bunch is exact and equally blended, and guarantee the soundness of the dissolve finger of the masterbatch at the wellspring of creation.

  1. Receptive twin-screw extruder: Equipped with high force transmission box, force grade 11. barrel L/D proportion extended to 56:1~64:1. high accuracy barrel and screw machining, little freedom between the external distance across of the screw and the internal mass of the barrel. Furnished with vacuum exhaust chamber and high effectiveness vacuum siphon set.

The long home season of the material in the screw is helpful for the full response and homogenisation of the blend, guaranteeing a high dissolve list and decreasing the vacillation of the soften file. The unique vacuum framework successfully eliminates leftover volatiles and lessens item scent.

3、Pelletizing helper gear: constant screen change and strain balancing out pass on head. Unique wide cooling water tank. Gantry pelletizer. Homogenized drying storehouse.

A steady head pressure is set up so the high dissolve finger liquefy streams equally out of the head hole kick the bucket, keeping up with fast cooling, pelletizing and homogenizing at high result. A steady expulsion pelletizing framework guarantees stable activity of the upstream response expulsion.

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