Photovoltaic supports

Photovoltaic supports convert light energy directly into electrical energy. At present, we are using silicon as a material to manufacture silicon solar cells.

Principle: The photovoltaic effect is a phenomenon in which the surface of the product is subjected to electromotive force generated by solar photons. When the surface of the product is exposed to light, the state of charge distribution in the product changes to produce an electromotive force and current. When the light illuminates the PN junction of the semiconductor, steel c profile,a photovoltaic effect occurs. The photovoltaic effect causes voltages to appear on both sides of the PN junction, called photo-generated voltage. Shorting the PN junction produces a current.

Construction: The white thin wires and thick wires attached to the surface of the battery are collectively referred to as positive silver in the battery manufacturer, and if they are separately said, the fine grid lines and the main grid lines. The main function of the fine grid line is to collect the current on the surface of the cell and collect it into the main gate line. The function of the main gate line is to concentrate the current on the two gate lines, and then the current is guided by the downstream manufacturers through soldering. . The two thick lines on the back of the cell are also silver, and the so-called back silver action is consistent with the front main gate line. The P/N junction is obtained by a diffusion process, and its position is a few micrometers below the blue coating surface. The depth of the PN junction is related to the diffusion process temperature and gas concentration at that time.

First, Classification:

According to the type of battery sheet, it can be divided into three types: single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous. Most of the products produced in the factory are polycrystalline and single crystal amorphous; according to the number of battery sheets included in the panel, there are mainly: 5612p, 5612M , 6610P, 6612P.


1. The thermal circuit breaker will open automatically before the damage is broken.

2. All products including remote alarm contacts.

3. The overall safety of the box at the end of its useful life.

4. Simplified selection: Optimize with 2 products.

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