Parents’ Problems in the Education of Children(III)

Too neglect, the growth of children can not be separated from parents

Many parents are busy with work, it is easy to overlook the growth of their children, and busy work sometimes may not refuse simply, but this cannot be a reason to ignore the child. Parents play a very important role in the child’s growth and education. This cannot to give the child a pocket money to make up for it, nor to let grandparents or grandparents substitute. Lack of parental companionship, it is easy for children to feel insecure, lack of love, let the child get bad bad habits and can not be corrected, because they are too free. Too much neglect of children’s growth is decreasing year by year, and many parents are increasingly aware of the importance of children’s education and growth issues.

Left-behind children have a shadow of mental health due to lack of family ties. A large number of children become inner closure, emotional indifference, inferiority, weakness, behavioral solitude, introverted personality, lack of love, and even a part has gone to the criminal path.

Destructive encouragement, may be counterproductive

Life is not a hundred meters race, but a marathon. Nowadays, for the education of children, many parents can say that they are not willing to let the children pull down. Many children are sent to kindergarten from the age of three or four, and many children of six or seven years old has began to learn English, learn to paint, and learn music, learn dance and so on. “Destructive encouragement” education, depriving their play time, they think what their children are good at, how many words the can say and how fluent in English as a success of education, regard it as an example to children .

The Chinese are very smart, and this is beyond doubt. Compared with Chinese and Western students, it is often found that Western children have much worse mathematics than Chinese children, but there are many mathematicians in the West, few Chinese mathematicians. Many parents who train their children and educate them to be excellent in colleges, older than their peers are regarded by many parents. They believe that this is an educational success. Many children have excellent grades in primary school, but their grades have declined. They have never been able to go up. Many children have excellent grades in college entrance examinations, but they become mediocre after entering university or entering society.

Parents’ words and deeds are imperceptible, especially when children are young, more often stay around their parents, parents’ every move, their children all look in the eyes, and some moves will be quietly in mind. Of course, for the education of children, parents are the most important, but the problems from school and society are considerable, too. The children are the future of our country, we should work together to create a great environment for our children.

Parents are the best teachers for children. Don’t let your bad habits become bad habits for children.

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