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Online Marketing refers to entrusting the network marketing work originally needed by enterprises to professional network marketing service providers in the form of contracts. On the basis of in-depth analysis of the current situation of enterprises, product features and industry characteristics, network marketing outsourcing service providers tailor-made personalized high cost-effective network marketing solutions for enterprises on the Internet platform. There are some good understanding by seniors of marketing to state what they think about marketing.

The Founder and CEO of GenGu Technology

Actually around the world there are only two types of sales, one is promotion sales and another one is attracting sales; There are only two kinds of businessmen in the world: one is itinerant trader, another is shopkeeper.


To do network marketing well, we must go through four stages. At the first, the birth of children, that is, the construction of the network platform; The second, let children grow up, that is to make their website and platform bigger; The third, let children go out, that is, to promote their website; The fourth, let children learn to make money, that is, design a good network profit model and achieve long-term profitability.


Do network marketing, do not go superstitious so-called Internet giants or small and medium webmasters to share experience, but should proceed from reality, find the right entry point; We must learn to innovate asymmetrically and make good use of seemingly useless websites; We must learn to create an atmosphere to win the world through the attracting sales; We must borrow the strength of the third party and give the interests to the third party; We must be out of own website and embrace the blue sky of cloud computing.


Parts of excerpts from Mr. Zheng Junya

  1. What do you think of the Internet today? “I tell you, the answer is only eight words: unlimited business opportunities and slim success”.


  1. Is network marketing a keyword optimization? Is Internet marketing a mass mailing? Is Internet marketing a good sales letter? Is Internet marketing a good way to write advertorial and build fish ponds for customers? The answer is no!


  1. Today’s Internet is self-deception. Many websites claim to be the largest in the world and the largest in the country, all of which receive high price advertising fees.


  1. The Internet is full of two kinds of people: no chatting people and chatting people. No chatting people understand the Internet but have no direction. Chatting people, that is, there are people who have directions but do not understand the Internet.


  1. There are only three ways to network marketing. One is to go to the main entrance, one is to all sorts of back doors, the others are standing at the door. Paying advertising is going to the front door, convenient but expensive; SEO, mass advertising, Cracking program vulnerabilities, is to all sorts of back doors, cheap but no future; Blindly posting and following the trend is standing at the door, without cost, but meaningless.


  1. If you use traditional thinking to do Internet marketing, it is also known as traditional marketing; However, if you use the Internet thinking to do traditional marketing, then it can also be called network marketing.

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