Manchester City F.C.

Manchester City F.C, I trust the most of football fans like it. Even in China, there are also many football fans to follow this team and pay attention to its win and lost. However how many people will pay attention for the past of Manchester City? And how this team become so excellent present? Let me tell you below about its history and process of development.


Manchester City Football Club (F.C.), short for “Manchester City”, nicknamed “Blue Moon”, slogan is Superbia in Proelio, meaning “Pride in Battle”, is located in Manchester City, UK. Its predecessor was the West Gorton Saint Marks, which was founded in 1880. It was renamed Ardwick AFC in 1887 and became more famous in 1894.


Manchester City was acquired in 2008 by an Arab consortium from the Middle East. The 2010/11 FA Cup was the club’s first championship in nearly 35 years. In the 2011/12 season, Manchester City won the English Football Premier League for the first time and regained the top flight title in 44 years. In the 2013/14 season, Manchester City won the Premier League for the second time, which is the fourth top-flight championship in Manchester City’s team history.


In February 26, 2018, Manchester City beat Arsenal in 3: 0 as fifth times to win the champion in the final of Premier League Cup.


History of Manchester City F.C.

In 1880, St. Marc church established a vigour team, which later evolved into Manchester City Football Club. In 1884, the earliest known “Manchester City jersey” was born, the main body of the Jersey is black, with a Maltese cross pattern. In 1887, St. Marc became Ardwyck Athletic Football Club and moved to Hyde road.


From 1939 to 1945, during the Second World War, a wartime Football League was established. Manchester City takes part in the Northern League. The serious damage at Old Trafford means that Manchester United have to play home games on the Maine road. But when the two teams encountered, Manchester City never allowed Manchester United to use the home dressing room.


In 1947, Manchester City promoted from minor League to major League. In 1949, the official football fans club of Manchester City Football Club was established.


In 1965, the new emblem of Manchester City Football Club was released with the emblem of Manchester city as its center. Subsequently, In 1968, the “blue moon” defeated Newcastle United on the last day of the season and became the England Premier League champion for the second time. In 1969, Manchester City beat Leicester 1 to 0 at Wembley Stadium to win the FA Cup this season.

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