How To Build Log House

The most of people live in Block, Apartment or Villa, but less people try to build a log house yourself and try to live inside. Actually, this is very fresh and novelty thing to try. But as suggestion you may build it around Summer, Autumn or Spring except Winter. Maybe you may ask why? Actually in the winter you may not able to endure so cold weather without good warming equipment. And in the summer the weather is so hot as we always hope immerse into the swimming pool to avoid hot air around us. So I suggest you may build the log house in forest area to feel another kind of good mood. Well, today main topic is about how to build the log house. Here we go, let us to practise about methods of log house building below,

  1. Choose a good place to build the house such as forest area, nearby clean pond, or the hill with more plants and tree and so on. Certainly, you should know forest may avoid UV hurt your skins during summer. Building the log house around pond may help you more convenient fishing life. If you plan to overlook the good landscape, I suggest you choose hill.


  1. Plan and calculate the house space and dimension. You have to know how many wood materials you have to buy as budget may help you to save more cost. Main materials are wood board, wooden moulding angle bars and nails. (Notice: you have to know real dimension when you purchase these materials)


  1. This is important thing to pay attention by all people who plan to build log house yourself. Prepare enough tools such as iron hammer, steel saw, pliers, air drill and so on.


  1. This method is for wooden wall built, you may make the proper size of moulding by using saw according to house dimension you demand. And then you will fix this frame of moulding by nails, then cover by wooden boards you prepared and ensure every board is durable and fixed by steel nails.


  1. Choose the flat floor, then drill the hole on the ground according to proper span between each hole. Then the entire wall is erected and try to fix the wooden wall by the holes on the ground. (Notice: avoiding the wall is distorted, you have to fix every corner by angle bars with nails.)


  1. We will build roof of log house. Certainly, we may choose cheap materials such as sunlight boards, or wooden boards materials are consistent to wall.

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