Digital Marketing Practices(II)

Digital Sellers

Digital marketing technology also paves the way for more enlightened thinking in sales organizations.

Digital sales attaches great importance to the use of social channels, analysis and better collaboration with marketing to improve customer positioning and enhance the overall purchase experience.Click Here For More.

64% of social sellers saw sales revenue increase, but 72% of sales professionals thought they were not familiar with social sales according to cite. So you may know the only problem is that most sales teams are not good at digital and social sales.

Many marketers today already have digital expertise, so engaging sales and supporting digital sales processes will benefit the organization.

Gaining insights

Although 92% of marketers said social media was important to their business, meanwhile only 42% thought that they could measure their social activities. When it comes to social media marketing, most digital marketers are in full custody, Click Here For More. but tracking social activities is more difficult for marketing teams than expected.

Consider the content to serves the purpose

Especially in the B2B world, business consumers are not just buying the latest gadgets and toys. They are looking for solutions that can help them achieve their business goals. The content you push to various audiences should take into account solutions, and this concept is attracting marketers. No matter it is the featured article with inbound link, blog post with professional theme, webinar or thought-leadership white-paper, finally we have to consider into the benefit the customers could expect and demand.


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