Cream Chicken Bisque With Corn

This is very popular soup in every restaurant. Certainly, we may cook it by own at home. However, the most of people do not know how to cook it well, so I will show you concrete recipe information about this soup. Well, you still do not know the name of this soup? Let me show you it first as Cream Chicken Bisque with corn. Till now the most of readers will be happy with this bisque because of its delicious chicken mash soup with sweet smell cream. Here we go, recipe and related bisque information are as below,

Nutrition of food materials

About chicken, edible portion 34%, moisture 74.2 grams, protein 21.5 grams, fat 2.5 grams, sugar 0.7 grams, 111 kilo calories, calcium 11 mg, phosphorus 190 mg, iron 1.5 mg, carotene 0, thiamine 0.03 mg, riboflavin 0.09 mg, nicotinic acid 8.0 mg, vitamin C-, vitamin A-, crude fiber 0, ash 1.1 G. In Chinese medicine, the Chinese doctors trust that the chicken is sweet and mild, may warm the spleen, replenish energy and nourish blood, replenish kidney and replenish essence of people.


The nutrient composition of maize is relatively comprehensive. It contains 8.5% protein, 4.3% fat, 73.2% sugar, 0.022% calcium, 0.21% phosphorus and 0.0016% iron. It also contains carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and nicotinic acid, as well as Cereal sterol, lecithin, vitamin E and lysine.



Chicken Legs 1pcs

Corn 1/2pcs

Onion 30g

Mushroom 5pcs

Celery 1pcs

Unsalted butter 150ml

Myrcia 2pcs

Proper Caraway, salt, olive Oil



  1. Prepare above mention food materials and related ingredients.
  2. Sliced mushroom and chopped corn after rinse these material as clean.
  3. About celery, to clean the skin of celery then dice it; about onion, we have to slice it after rinse.
  4. Prepare the saute-pan on the fire, and heat the pan enough. Next step as drop into proper oil into saute-pan and heat it. Then put the mushroom, onion and celery already prepared into pan with fried and stirring a moment.
  5. Pour the water of 2 bowls into the saucepan, subsequently also put the food materials as mushroom, corn, onion and chicken legs, myrcia into the saucepan with water. Then boiled the water and food materials, by the next changing to low heat around half hour.
  6. Fish out corn and chicken legs, and make them dry.
  7. Peel the corm to every granular, then chicken legs to be shred.
  8. Let’s make the vegetable soup and half a dozen chicken and corn to be mash by the blender.
  9. Then put the mash into the saucepan with residue corn dices and shred chicken and unsalted butter.
  10. Heat the mash and bisque with stirring, then less salt.

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