Colosseum in Rome(II)

General Style

The magnificent Colosseum in the centre of ancient Rome was built in ancient Rome to please the triumphant returning generals and soldiers and to praise the great Roman Empire. Click Home The architectural design of the Colosseum does not lag behind the modern aesthetic point of view. In fact, today, about 2000 years later, every modern large stadium more or less imitates the design style of Ancient Roman Colosseum.Click Home

Nowadays, through the media such as movies and historical books, Click Home we can feel more deeply the cruel fighting and killing between men and beasts that happened here at that time, all of which are just for the sake of bringing some primitive and barbaric pleasure to the audiences of noble on the grandstand. The Colosseum is a classic masterpiece and miracle in architectural history. It is famous for its huge, magnificent and spectacular to the world. Although only half of the construction is left, its majestic spirit and majestic momentum remain.


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