Chinese Culture – Jade(II)

Ancient jade in China

In the early Neolithic period, nearly eight thousand years ago, Chinese ancestors recognized and cherished the beauty and solidity of jade, grinding it as a soldier and admiring it. The way of prehistoric civil jade has extended to many aspects of life, such as body beauty, sacrifice, Ruifu and funeral.check here

From 5,500 to 4,000 years ago, the Hongshan culture in Liaoning,check here Liangzhu culture in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Dawenkou culture in Shandong Peninsula and even the jade unearthed in Longshan cultural relics in Shandong Province are, first of all, used as a medium for worshiping the gods of witchcraft and communicating the heavens, the earth and the people. The round and hollow jade wall is a sacrificial vessel for ancestors to ascend to heaven and spiritually. The round jade cone outside and inside, as a sacrificial vessel, is related to the primitive cosmic concept of heaven and earth, and symbolizes the magic power of heaven and earth, gods and ancestors.

Jade dragon and cloud-shaped Jade Pei in Hongshan culture are the symbols of tribal totem and leader’s rights. Jade played an important role in the origin of ancient Chinese civilization.

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