Casual Significant Inventions In The World

Microwave oven, All-purpose adhesive, Safety glass which we have been inseparable from the daily life of things are invented casually. Nowadays, these inventions have changed our way of life. Just ask the inventors of these things, and you know how important luck is to one’s success sometimes. Let me know the detail of microwave oven about one of the inventions below,

Microwave Oven

The earliest name for the microwave oven, Popcorn and Hot Pockets Warmer, was coincidentally invented by a weapons development project. The inventor of the microwave oven is Percy LeBaron Spencer, an American self-taught engineer. After the outbreak of World War II, he was engaged in radar technology development in a company. The technology sounded like science fiction at the time, but it was just a magnetron with a detective function that emitted high-intensity radiation beams.


Obviously, like a nickname from friends around him, Spencer likes sweets. He may still be a strange and blind idolater. One day, when he was doing experiments in the lab, a chocolate bar pasted to his shorts. Spencer noticed that when he ran the magnetron, the chocolate bar on his short pants was melted.


Normally people would think that it was his body temperature that melted the chocolate, but Spencer did not follow that logic. On the contrary, his quick thinking gives a more scientific explanation: The invisible radiation by the naked eye “cooked it”.


In fact, most of the military experts attended may dream of applying these rays to the battlefield. But like every inventor in the history of science, Percy LeBaron Spencer was full of curiosity about his discovery and regarded it as a novelty. He uses this device to burst eggs and roast popcorn.


Percy LeBaron Spencer went on experimenting with Magnetron, and eventually he packed them in the box and marketed them as a new tool for cooking delicacies. The earliest microwave oven was about 6 feet (1.8 meters) high and weighed 750 pounds (about 340 kilograms). It must be cooled in cold water after cooked. In the years that followed, technicians kept reducing the size of microwave ovens, which today have become part of our daily lives.

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