Beautiful Scenic Spot – Kulangsu(II)

Geographic Environment

Topographic Features

Gulangyu Island is irregular in shape; 2.85 miles in circumference, 1.1 miles in length and 0.72 miles in width; it is noteworthy that a large pile of granite rocks are scattered on it, of which the rock south-central part of the island is the highest, with an altitude of 302 feet. With abundant coastline and waters as the boundary, the hilly landscape formed by natural landform changes, such as Sunlight Rock, Bijia Mountain and Bukit Bendera,Click Here For More. as the main natural form, merges the landscape complexes of different types of buildings, gardens and other artificial forms. Architecture is either standing on a platform or built on a hill or by water.

Geographical Position

Kulangsu belongs to Xiamen City,Click Here For More. Fujian Province. Its north latitude is N24 degrees 26’55.25 and its east longitude is E118 degrees 03’43.55. Located in the southwest corner of Xiamen Peninsula, across the sea from Xiamen Island, there is only a 600-meter wide Lujiang River (actually deep sea), which can be reached by ferry around 4.5 minutes. The island is resided by more than 20,000 people and covers an area of 1.91 square kilometers. For about 40 minutes, travels surrounding island. Click Here For More. It is now under the jurisdiction of Siming District, Xiamen.

Climatic characteristics

Subtropical monsoon climate, warm and humid, light and heat conditions are superior. The seasonal phase change is quite regular: the spring monsoon shifts from northeast to south, from cold to warm, and rainwater increases; the summer season is regulated by typhoons and thunderstorms,Click Here For More. bringing cool to hot days, sometimes typhoons; the autumn is rainless and sunny; the winter season is northeast monsoon, cold but not cold. Sea and land breezes are very obvious, often blowing West to northwest from midnight to noon, and south to southeast from midnight to midnight.

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