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Authorities deny ‘permanent closure’ of Mount Qomolangma reserve

The authorities of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China deny that the Everest National Nature Reserve is “permanently closed”.check here


The announcement came after a report was widely circulated online, claiming that camps on the world’s highest mountain were “permanently closed due to serious pollution”.

Kelsang, deputy director with the reserve’s administration, check here said ordinary tourists are allowed to visit areas around Rongpo Monastery, almost 5,000 meters above sea level.


For visitors with climbing permits, they can enter the camp at a height of 5,200 meters. Mountaineering activities have been approved by the regional forestry authorities. In order to protect the environment around Mount Everest, China carried out three major cleanups at an altitude of 5,200 meters and above last spring, collecting 8 tons of domestic waste, human faeces and mountaineering wastes.check here

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