About Education Of Programming In China(II)

Beijing City

Mr. Li Wenxin, president of Peking University, once said that information technology is deeply affecting the whole society, while the most people’s understanding of computers is still limited to simple multimedia devices or online games, and they do not realize the true strength of computers. Therefore, the popularization of information technology among young people is becoming more and more urgent.

If there is a foundation, it will be very advantageous in the follow-up learning process. Mr. Li has done statistics. Meanwhile the most of the top 20 undergraduates in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 grades of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Peking University have won the ranking in the Information Science Olympics.Click Here For More.

Nanjing City

Programming education, on a large scale, is the subject of information mentioned by everyone. Information, compared with the Olympic number, has a slight gap in status. In Nanjing primary school stage, pupils learn less, and a small number of children will participate in the competition of information science.Click Here For More.

At the end of elementary school, due to the energy problem, we will choose to give up. Some of our insistence can basically consider the selection of the students with special skills in science and technology in famous universities.

Entering senior high school, besides the pure college entrance examination, universities will have “independent recruitment”. They can seize 985 and 211 university places ahead of time with the honor of “Provincial Rank 1” in five disciplines competition (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and information).

Note: In 2016, a total of 7621 people won the first prize at the provincial level. Information and physics are the strengths of Jiangsu Province.

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