A story about misses you

Sitting, walking, thinking, calling you silently, mom, mom, mom…

During the day, hold back the sorrow and pretend that you no longer have life.

In the night of painful tears, I am waiting for you silently. The bleakness that can’t be taken off is dripping, Incessantly obtainable in lifting capacities the pain in the heart is dripping, the pain is getting more and more, filling all the space.

I want your tears to tear apart and silence. No matter where you are, you feel like you are, always find a place where no one is, sit quietly and guard you. At this moment, only you know who I am, only you see the tears that flow to you, and you will be surrounded by a group of thoughts, surrounded by you, holding you, not letting you go.

Holding your little rice bowl, approaching you, why always push it away? Why refuse small rice? Mom, let me tease you like a child, look at your shallow smile, let me feed you like a baby, even if it is a small one, even if I wait for the sweat again and again. A trip.

Take your red dress, come close to you, why put it on you, always take it off obediently, do you know you are leaving? I want to let you wear clothes over and over again, and keep your breath?

Take your little face basin and walk towards you. Wash your face with your white hair and a towel. Wipe your body with your red hair and a towel. Don’t sleep quietly, even if you are jealous. Keep your eyes open, look at me, let me hold your hand, and always keep your last breath.

Holding scissors and nail clippers approaching you, cutting a white hair, thick nails for you, only since the hair and nails can see the growth marks, I can’t think of it, it was the last time You trim, the next day you cut, you will be in a coma. Do you think you can go quietly after you have done this? If this is the case, I would rather never do it, not letting you sleep quietly.

Before you were alive, you couldn’t see anyone crying. I can’t see you crying. But why do I become a tearful person, but you will never be silent. Do you have the heart to watch your daughter cut off your breath again and again?

Dad said to me: “Nie, don’t cry, you don’t have a mother, do you want your father to lose your daughter again?” A story about misses youMom, look at our father and daughter, A story about Sand and Stone are you crying on the edge of life and death?

Who said it? Crying like this will make you hurt, it will make you intolerable, it will make you unable to calm down, and you will be dragged down.

However, why is there such a difference? Why, you can’t see you, but you are full of breath? Why, is there such a pain?

These days, you feel, you are always there, watching me, I know, you must not go.

Mom, tell me, how can I hold back my sorrow and pretend that I didn’t have you in your life?

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