Since 2000, many countries where malaria is a serious threat have dramatically expanded their fight against this desease. As a result, deaths from malaria have dropped by 26% and the number of malaria cases has decreased by 17%. A great effort is now required to maintain these gains and to extend prevention coverage to all populations living in malaria endemic areas including Indonesia. With the support from Global Fund starting in 2003, Indonesia has intensified its malaria control focusing in the eastern part of Indonesia. The grant are being used to enhance health staff capacity, to monitor the program implementation, to increase coverage and to improve quality of vector control through indoor residual spraying and insecticide-treated bed nets, procure supplies and equipment, to increase the quality of early diagnosis and prompt treatment, and also to provide malaria screening for pregnant women.


From 2003 until 2014, Global fund has provided grants to Indonesia in total of US$198,545,070.This grants is being implemented by two institution as the Principle Recipients (PR), they are:

  1. Directorate of Vector Borne Disease Control (P2B2) – Directorate General Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL), Ministery of Health of Indonesia
  2. PERDHAKI (Indonesia association for voluntary health service)

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