Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Grant

A health systems strengthening is initiatives or strategies that consist of all organizations, people and actions whose primary intent is to promote, restore or maintain health. There are six blocks to a health system: service delivery, health workforce information, medical products/technologies, financing and leadership or governance. Building capacity in any of these areas will contribute to improving a country’s health system, which in turn means that the country able to maximize the impact of core investments program to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria.

Indonesia as a country with 238 million people that spread over 17,000 islands group into 34 administrative provinces and then sub-divided into 497 districts, required health systems strengthening in various aspects. Having seen this needs, the Global Fund since 2012 until now in 2014, has provided Indonesia with US$16,526,360 grants to strengthen its health systems. This investment is synergistic with their core investment in AIDS, TB and Malaria. The program supported by this grants is targeting on 138 under-served and remote districts that located in 24 provinces and cover a total population of 42 million. With Secretariat General of Ministry of health of Indonesia as the Principle Recipient of this grant, the program goals are as below:

  1. Reinforcing the national health information system for better integration, data management and use for decision making
  2. Scaling-up the Sample Registration System (SRS) and promoting health system research
  3. Improving pharmaceutical and supply chain management, drug safety and pharmacovigilance.

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