CCM Field Oversight Visit


Grant oversight is a core responsibility of the Indonesia CCM. All CCM members have a responsibility to participate in and support grant oversight activities. CCM Indonesia has delegated key grant oversight functions to the four technical working groups (TWG) of AIDS, TB, malaria & HSS, and the Oversight Committee.

 As the part of grant oversight, CCM may commission Field Oversight Visit (FOV) to further explore and verify grant implementation. FOV can be two types:

  1. General information gathering visits (general FOV)
  2. Investigate visit.

The objectives of a general FOV is to provide the CCM with a broad, overall assessment of grant performance in the field. The objective of an investigate FOV is to review and analyze a specific problem that has been identified by the CCM, TWG and oversight committee or other stakeholders.

CCM member (and alternates), TWG members and non-CCM members may participate in general FOV. Investigate FOC will normally conducted on a routine basis (e.g. twice per year), but may also be commissioned whenever a specific problem must be urgently assessed.

The guidelines in this page are for general FOV only, while the investigative FOV will have visit-specific requirements. FOV team should keep in mind that general FOV are not designed to address day-to-day management issues or to “audit” regular reports – these are the roles of the PR and LFA.


The purpose of the general FOV is to:

  • Seek information on grant performance at provincial, district and health facility levels
  • Identify potential bottlenecks, issues or compilations that may potentially constrain grant performance (e.g. financial flows, procurement, human resources)
  • Review information collected by SSR, SR and PR, and if possible verifies that reported data ‘matched’ at each reporting level
  • Analyze findings and develop recommendations for presentation to PR and CCM


Recommendations for carrying out general FOV are as follows:

  • The CCM should inform the relevant PR and SR about the FOV well in advance
  • The FOV team should have clear information on program deliverables prior to the visit
  • Select and identify visit sites and clients
  • The FOV should avoid asking for information that is available from existing information systems (e.g. PUDR, dashboard) unless the question is for confirmation or validating data.


Ideally, the composition of the team for a general FOV should include both CCM members and non-CCM stakeholders. Any member of the CCM can participate as an FOV team. PR and SR staff should not be part of the FOV team. Conflict of Interest policy should be applied when undertaking all oversight activities. The FOV team should adhere to time limits at each visit site to avoid making excessive demands on the PR and SR. This requires careful planning to ensure key issues are addressed.

After the FOV, each team should draft a short report according to the Standard report template. The report should be submitted to the CCM Oversight Committee (through CCM Secretariat) within 10 days of the completion of the FOV.