Grant Oversight


Oversight is a key function of CCM Indonesia. It is consist of a coordinated set of activities to ensure that grant activities are implemented as planned, and the issues as well as bottlenecks in grant implementation are identified and resolved.


The Principle of CCM Grant Oversight

  1. Grant oversight is a nationally responsibility.
  2. Grant oversight is different from monitoring and evaluation. It focuses on the ‘big picture’ of grant implementation, while monitoring evaluation focuses on the detailed activities of grant implementation program and are the appropriate responsibility of PRs and other implementing agencies.
  3. Grant oversight focuses on several keys areas with questions that are the core of effective grant implementation, such as: where is the money, where are the drugs, medical supplies and equipment, are the SR receiving required resources as well as technical assistance, are the grant being implemented as planned, what is the bottleneck of the grant implementation and how to resolved it, is the reprogramming activities necessary to be done, are the results meeting the performance targets.
  4. Grant oversight is cyclical.


Oversight roles and responsibilities of the CCM

  1. CCM Plenary is the ultimate decision-making body related to Global Fund activities and grants in Indonesia. The CCM may commission Field Oversight Visit (FOV) to further explore and verify grant implementation. FOV may be either ‘general’ or ‘investigative’. More about FOV will be explain in the CCM Field oversight visit and TWG Field oversight visit page.
  2. Technical Working Groups (TWGs) are responsible for providing first-line primary oversight for active Global Fund grants in Indonesia. TWGs report to the CCM Plenary and liaise closely with CCM Oversight committee. The TWGs are the ‘primary channel’ of communication between PR and the CCM.
  3. Oversight Committee (OC) is a permanent advisory unit of CCM Plenary and holds a secondary responsibility for grant oversight after TWGs. The OC is empowered to act upon urgent Global Fund-related issues that arise between CCM plenary meetings, and follows up on action items related to grant performance that are assigned by the CCM, to ensure that remedial actions are implemented. The OC has urgent decision-making authority between plenary meetings. All urgent decision taken by OC will be presented, discussed and endorsed or adapted at the next scheduled plenary meeting.
  4. CCM Secretariat will support grant oversight activities as it is supports all CCM functions.


Grant Oversight Activities

  1. Gathering information is the cornerstone of all other oversight activities. Without good information, the CCM will be unable to mobilize and act on implementation issues, problems, or bottlenecks.
  2. Analyzing information. Information that has been gathered must be analyzed to identify success, challenges, problems and bottlenecks.
  3. Taking action. Once problems, issues, or bottleneck are identified and understood, the CCM will take action to resolve them. CCM decision must include the action to be taken, the person or party responsible, and a deadline. CCM decisions should specify the activities needed to strengthen the management of grants and should be followed up to ensure that the decisions are effectively implemented.
  4. Reporting on result. Frequent and clear communication between all stakeholders involved with Global Fund grants is important to ensure good performance of Global Fund grants.