CCM Membership

Being a member of CCM Indonesia is voluntary commitment that involves a great deal of time and effort. Comprised of 25 seats (25 members and 25 alternates), CCM members should cover representatives from Government, Development Partners and Non-government organization.

Ideally Government representation should come from public entities that are closely involved/relevant to AIDS, TB, malaria or health systems strengthening area, while the development partners are best represented by organizations that are most closely involved with fighting HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria in Indonesia. Development partners representatives should be drawn from relevant bilateral and multilateral donors as well as from the technical assistance community. The non-government representation should be drawn from people living with HIV, key affected population HIV, people representing/effected by tuberculosis and malaria, key effected population based on epidemiological, human rights and gender, AIDS/TB/Malaria NGO, professional, academia, private sector and other health related organization.

As for the ‘alternates’ of government sector and development partners, they are best chosen from different institution as the ‘member’, while for non-government representatives must be chosen by a documented and transparent process.


CCM Members and Alternates Eligibility

Any government employee/development partner sector is eligible to be a CCM member or alternate representing the government/development partner sector, which are appointed by their respective constituencies.

Any person from non-government organization is eligible to represent the civil society sector, subject to the specific constraint that the CCM must include representation from people living with the diseases and key affected population based on epidemiological, human rights and gender.

Representatives from active PR/SR organizations may serve on the CCM (but should comply with the CCM conflict of interest).


Terms of office and membership renewal

Each CCM member and alternate is encouraged to serve for two consecutive 2-year terms on the CCM. For continuation purpose, it is required to maintain minimum 30% of previous active members or alternates.


Termination of Membership

In normal circumstances, CCM membership for an individual is (temporary) terminated at the end of the two consecutive CCM terms.

A CCM or alternate may asked to resign, or may choose to resign, for example based on the CCM’s judgment regarding the member’s conflict of interest status.


Terms of Reference

All CCM members and alternates must agree to respect and comply with the CCM governance manual, other CCM endorsed policies/guidelines and decisions. They also must agree to attend and participate in all CCM activities, freely share relevant experiences, as well as provide feedback on CCM deliberations and decisions to CCM members, alternates and relevant constituencies.

All CCM members and alternates share certain right as representatives on the CCM. In particular, each of them has the right:

  • to be treated as an equal partner of the CCM with full right of expression
  • to participate in all discussions and activities
  • to sign or decline to sign a proposals submitted by CCM to the Global Fund
  • to vote any decisicion reuiring a vote by the full CCM plenary
  • to nominate CCM members or alternates for the positions of Chair or Vice chairs
  • to receive standard transportation allocation for travel expenses incurred to attend CCM meetings, activities or field overight visits
  • to receive honoraria, fees, stipends incentive payments or any other form of renumeration for their participation on the CCM