Blooming P2P Services Around China(I)

P2P is the abbreviation of peer to peer lending (or peer-2-peer), which means individual to individual (partner to partner). Also known as peer-to-peer network lending, it is a small amount of funds gathered to lend to people with financial needs of a small amount of private lending model.check here It belongs to the Internet Finance (ITFIN) product. It belongs to non-governmental micro-credit, with the help of Internet and mobile Internet technology, network credit platform and related financial management behavior, financial services. Certainly, according to its existed periods and management P2P has matured operations and stable markets around north America and Europe. However, recent years, it is also booming development in Asia, such as China. List the P2P categories below,check here

Banking Department

The advantages of P2P in banking system lie in: first, abundant funds and sufficient liquidity; second, excellent project quality, mostly from the original small and medium-sized customers of banks; third, strong risk control ability, making use of the natural advantages of P2P in banking system,check here accessing the central bank credit database through the banking system, grasping the credit situation of borrowers in a relatively short period of time, thus greatly reducing. Risk.

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